Our Pastors

Both Ps Murray and Ps Meredith are originally from South Australia, where they had served in the various facets of Senior Pastoral ministry in several churches over many years, being ordained in 1990. They have two sons, Chris & Tom.
They share a genuine love for people and a passion to see lives impacted with the miracle working power of God. Changing lives through the power of faith in God’s Word. Committed to seeing people turned from a destiny of meaninglessness into lives coming into connection with the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and through His power, healed, restored and re-established as people to learn the ways of the Kingdom of God and put them into daily lifestyle practice.

Hi everyone and welcome to December.

The Bible account of the Birth of Jesus is truly amazing, and it thrills our heart as one prophecy after another is so precisely and supernaturally fulfilled. But I think the most glorious event happened 9 months before the birth. It was the account of the supernatural power that Mary connected with.
The prophet Isaiah wrote that the Virgin would conceive and give birth to a Son, whose name would be Immanuel, or God with us.
What must have been going on in Mary's mind? Giving birth to the Saviour of the world??? What doubts and fears did she have to deal with? What would people think? But she knew she had heard from God and that she had to trust Him. And what eventuated supernaturally was totally beyond human reasoning.
The key to Mary's conception was that she RECEIVED the Word of God. "For with God nothing is ever impossible and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment"(Luke 1:37).
Mary received the spiritual truth of God's Word by her confession. In essence she was saying Lord I believe Your Word & that settles it. It's the same attitude we should have. We so long for the manifestation of the supernatural, but the key is not up to God, it is up to us to receive the truth of the Word in our hearts & as we do, we are receiving the power that is in the Word, which is the life that Christ came to give you.
The issues you face are not the truth, God's Word is the truth, but you must receive the truth in your heart. You are what it says you are, and you can have what it says you can have, and you can do what it says you can do. But you must activate that power by firstly receiving and then by speaking out with conviction, the truth. These points are vital and should not be taken lightly.
The Word of God is a seed and when planted in good soil will
produce a harvest. Don't ever confess that the Word isn't working, or that you don't deserve the goodness of God.
This Christmas time, no matter what you are going through, remember the faith and confession of Mary, and follow her example as you wait for the (birth) manifestation of the fulfilment of God's promise in your life, in your situation or circumstance.
Meanwhile praising and thanking God in advance, for His goodness.

A huge Merry Christmas to our wonderful Freedom family.
Pastors Murray & Meredith.