Our Pastors

Both Ps Murray and Ps Meredith are originally from South Australia, where they had served in the various facets of Senior Pastoral ministry in several churches over many years, being ordained in 1990. They have two sons, Chris & Tom.
They share a genuine love for people and a passion to see lives impacted with the miracle working power of God. Changing lives through the power of faith in God’s Word. Committed to seeing people turned from a destiny of meaninglessness into lives coming into connection with the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and through His power, healed, restored and re-established as people to learn the ways of the Kingdom of God and put them into daily lifestyle practice.

Hi Everybody, and Welcome to May 2018

God has revealed Himself in many ways in His word, using illustrations to help us
understand that particular facet of His

For example, a shepherd, a builder, a potter, and in this case a
gardener.   The Bible opens with God planting a garden, and it also closes with the scene of a magnificent garden with a vibrant river of life flowing though the centre of it.

So using the idea of a garden, we know that they are meant to be places where things grow, and are pruned to cause even more and more growth.  Even though today you can buy very cleverly constructed
artificial plants, they might look like something but they are dead and they will never grow.  So God wants us to GROW, not stay the same.

Growing plants are intended to bear fruit and this is absolutely what the Father’s heart is for His children.  The Bible tells us that He is glorified as we bear fruit.   That means that we grow and gain more and more maturity in understanding the ways of God, and how He intends for us to live and thrive even during difficult times.   Which undoubtable we all experience from time to time.

Ps 92 tells us that if we are planted in the House of God and become an integral part of the body in the church we becomes like flourishing strong trees.   It therefore appears that if we are not actually growing, we need to be aware that that is the case and take some time to find out why.

One of the reasons why plants do not flourish is because weeds are not identified and just allowed to grow sucking up all the nourishment and space intended for the plants that God wants to grow in the good soil of our hearts.   Sometimes we are just too busy to cultivate vibrant habits of building our relationships with God and with other members of our families both natural and spiritual.

So take a look of the soil that is your life. What are you growing?   Fears? Anxieties? Worry? Strife? Anger? Bitterness?   Unforgiveness?  Indifference or just presumptions in your relationship with the Lord.  “God I know where You are when I need You, but otherwise I’m busy being self reliant and self confident”. If that’s you, BE CAREFUL. You have an enemy waiting to spring a trap. God wants a fresh passionate relationship with you above all things. He loves you & with that in mind, we are dealing with this timely subject over the next few weeks.

Remember God loves you & so do we.    Pss. Murray & Meredith.