Our Pastors

Both Ps Murray and Ps Meredith are originally from South Australia, where they had served in the various facets of Senior Pastoral ministry in several churches over many years, being ordained in 1990. They have two sons, Chris & Tom.
They share a genuine love for people and a passion to see lives impacted with the miracle working power of God. Changing lives through the power of faith in God’s Word. Committed to seeing people turned from a destiny of meaninglessness into lives coming into connection with the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and through His power, healed, restored and re-established as people to learn the ways of the Kingdom of God and put them into daily lifestyle practice.

Hi everyone and welcome to August (already)!!

We have been and still will for a while talk about the subject “The Church”.  What it is, and how does it shape up into what Jesus intended when He said I will build MY Church.

I think we all know that a church is absolutely not a building.  Anymore than your body is you.  You are the spirit being that lives within your body.  Your body is like an earth-suit that enables you to live in this world.  So we (should) look after our bodies to do what God has called us to do.  Great yes,  but it is imperfect.  One day God will fit you out with your new perfect model.  Yay!!!!!!!!

When you go to see a doctor, often the first thing that might happen if you are unwell is that the doc will likely take your temperature.  So my question now is: what is the temperature of this church?  It is only as good as the temperature of the people that make up this church, which is you and me.

OK back to the here n now:  for one thing the Church is called to change the world, to make a difference each in our own tiny part of the world.  To make a difference means to change things,  so it should be made up of people who should be changing.  Growth is automatically a process of changing, and a healthy church should be made up of people who are growing in maturity in passion for Jesus, in wisdom and discernment.

Jesus is the One who changes a life.  It is Jesus living inside of you by His Word and His Spirit who transforms you.  He can bring you out from despair and give you hope.  Now, if you are not changing, then it is time to ask yourself, am I truly following Jesus in this season of my life?

God’s Kingdom is fully formed and developed, but God desires for it to be manifested in all its glory in this present world.  “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  We are called to be the ones who advance the Kingdom, and that happens as lives are changed.  I think everyone of us here knows that your personal life has been changed since you received Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.  He calls us to be transformed to become more and more like Him, and then be an agent of change for others.

That’s Church folks.   Christ in us by His grace, changing the world. That’s awesome.   Let’s declare and build FCC into a church on fire for Him.

Love you all with the love of Jesus  Pss M n Me.