Our Vision

Our Purpose as a church is to seek and to reach in order to build a people of power, purpose and praise.

We believe in living out of the resurrection life that in now ours in Christ, and our expectation is to see the supernatural become natural in these days.

We believe in lives being changed forever by the gospel of Jesus Christ, united by the love of the Father, and empowered by the Holy Spirit as people of all ages find their place in the family of God and their purpose in the world.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHERE LIVES ARE CHANGED by the good news of Jesus Christ, where the love of the Father heals the hurting, and where the Holy Spirit leads each person into their God-given destiny!

WE BELIEVE IN A CONTAGIOUS CHURCH inspired to introduce an authentic God to a world hungry for genuine Christianity and the spirit of family.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH of all ages, of people who are themselves the living display of God’s life-changing grace—where people are drawn from all ages, backgrounds, and cultures, by the demonstration of the goodness of God.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHERE GOD’S WORD IS TRULY UNDERSTOOD. Where nothing is impossible, where miracles happen, where dreams are born…a church where the warmth of God’s presence can be felt, where hope never dies, and where the healing power of God is extended to every man, woman, and child that walks through its doors.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH OF PASSIONATE WORSHIPPERS whose heart and songs lead people to encounter the healing presence and magnificent love of God; attracting people from all walks of life.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT IS MULTI-GENERATIONAL. A bridge between the present and future generations—drawing from the wisdom of the aged, the passion of the youth, and the innocence of the young.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH WHERE THE EDUCATION AND LEADERSHIP TRAINING is effective in equipping a generation of new leaders committed to servant leadership, development of their character, and self-less love.

WE BELIEVE IN A CHURCH THAT BOLDLY ELEVATES PEOPLE to their God-given authority in this life and their God-given rewards in the life to come.